Garden Maintenance services

The Importance Of a Well Maintained Garden

A manicured lawn with beautiful flowers has an immediate pleasant effect on a person’s mood. Even a simple garden with common plants that is well maintained adds to the aesthetic appeal of a building. The lawn and garden is the first thing a person sees when they come to a commercial location.

Well maintained plants

Plants that are cared for and watered daily grow well. There is more to maintaining a garden than simply watering it every day. Old leaves need to be removed from the plants. Some plants need to be trimmed if they grow out of shape. An over grown plant is not very attractive.

Neat sprawling lawn

A lawn that is watered daily thrives. A lawn needs regular mowing which gives it a neat and clean look. IFS use hi-tech equipment for gardening and lawn maintenance.

house Maintenance services

Effective and Efficient Housekeeping Services

Cleanliness is of prime importance in housekeeping services. IFS can provide you with a team of efficient housekeeping staff who are well trained in the job they have to perform.

Latest cleaning equipment

The IFS housekeeping services involves the use of the latest cleaning equipment that not only helps to reduce the manpower requirement but also provides a higher quality of service. The cleaning equipment is able to clean areas that are humanly tedious and hence IFS is able to provide a better cleaning service.

Trained cleaning staff

The manpower provided by IFS is proficient in doing an all-round cleaning. They cover areas such as the curtains, walls, fencing, gates, doors etc. They use equipment that aids them to do a very professional and thorough job.

Industrial Electrician services

About Electrical Load Maintenance

Over loading is a problem that sometimes occurs in commercial buildings. It is the job of the electrical department to ensure that whenever new electrical equipment is installed it is not causing a burden on the existing load.

Preventive Maintenance

Periodic checks of the electrical system are important. It is during these inspections that the electrical departments need to see if the wiring is okay or is getting old and needs to be replaced. The circuitry is checked to ensure that everything is in order. Many times major mishaps have been averted with these regular inspections where technical faults are detected in time and corrective action taken.

Breakdown Maintenance

The professional team of skilled technicians at IFS can assess the damage of an electrical breakdown and have the system repaired in record time. The technical expertise of the IFS team helps to solve problems sooner.

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