Electricity Related Services

Outsourcing the electrical and mechanical maintenance and management to a service solutions company like IFS is the latest trend among organisations. This allows an organisation to focus on its core business and allow the professional to handle the tasks that they specialise in. IFS offers clients a total solutions package that covers all the electrical and mechanical maintenance.

What IFS offers

Electrical and mechanical services for a commercial space involves a lot of know how. The electrical usage is heavy duty and the site may face problems of overloading as well.  The staff need to be not just technically skilled but experienced in this field to be able to handle major issues and understand the main electrical system.

Provision of Licensed Electricians & Technicians

All our electricians and technicians have undergone professional training and are qualified for the tasks they are assigned.

Operations & Maintenance of All Types of Installations

Installing new equipment or ensuring that existing electrical equipment is functioning efficiently.

Breakdown Maintenance

Getting systems up and running in the unfortunate event of a breakdown. Ensuring minimum downtime in such a situation is also an important part of our service.

Preventive/Predictive Maintenance

Preventive maintenance is very important. We ensure that the equipment is regularly services to prevent breakdowns due to wear and tear of parts. Regular checks ensure that preventive maintenance is kept up.

Statutory Compliances

Maintaining safety norms and statutory compliance helps to eliminate accidents and major damage due to carelessness or non-compliance.

Energy Conservations

Going green and preventing wastage of energy is a top priority for IFS.

Implementation of HSE Policy

IFS is very strict about taking precautions. The health, safety and environment policy implementation helps to ensure that safety norms are being followed and in case of a mishap the situation is under control.

Liaoning with Related Departments

IFS puts into practice various policies like having electrical inspectorate etc.to give their regulatory clearances for the electrical and maintenance of the site.

Periodic & Scheduled Inspection

Ensuring that all installations, equipment and assets are periodically inspected for performance is a part of the IFS service standards.

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