It is usual for Offices to outsource its staff needs. An organisation like IFS has the perfect solution when it comes to Offices Management. We offer not just the technical solutions but also cater to the actual need for manpower.

Staffing Solutions for Your Needs

The staffing solutions by IFS for Guest Houses include staffs that have been specially trained in the areas of hospitality and housekeeping. Soft services are a very large part of the services that IFS focuses on. We have large staff strength and ensure a proper regime of training before assigning the manpower to various commercial locations.

The IFS Advantage for Guest Houses

IFS offer a one stop shop for all your staffing needs. There are a number of services that are covered under our umbrella of Guest House Management some of these are

  • Guest relations– Front office staff and housekeeping staff who are trained in manners and etiquette to be polite to staff during interactions and handle discord amicably. We ensure that our staff is well trained in the area of guest relations.
  • Food services– manpower that are skilled in kitchen management which includes preparation of food in a variety of cuisines, maintaining hygiene and cleanliness, presentation of food in an attractive manner and proper severing etiquette.
  • Maintenance– Maintaining the property and all the small details that are taken for granted, such as repairs and maintenance of the building and structure, electrical and plumbing problems.
  • Housekeeping and Pantry services– housekeeping and pantry services are job functions that are performed faster and better by manpower who have been trained how to do the job efficiently.
  • Laundry services–We will provide you manpower who know how to do a good job of the laundry whether it is guest laundry or the guest house linen and other items of use that require laundering. The manpower are trained to use the laundry equipment properly to avoid damage caused by inexperience. They are proficient in operating the washer, dryer and steam press etc.
  • Occupancy management– IFS gives you a service which includes occupancy management. There are various aspects to this service and good guest relations are an important part of this service. Building up a good reputation through high standards of services also adds to the popularity of the Guest House.
  • Garden & lawn maintenance–The IFS gardening team provide an excellent service of hard & soft landscaping. Maintaining the lawn is not such an easy task as it looks, but we can do it with perfection. A well maintained garden adds to the aesthetic appeal of the guest house and we try and make the garden look beautiful in all seasons.
  • Pest control– We schedule regular pest control checks to ensure that the property is clear of any kind of infestation. Pests can damage not just the physical structure of the property but the reputation of the Guest house as well. Our IFS team takes every precaution to ensure that the Guest House remains pest free.
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