Garden Maintainence Services

A well maintained lawn and garden helps to give a commercial space a better presentation. Greenery and plats also help the eco-system in a positive manner. It is said to improve the positive energy of a place.

Garden Operations & Management

A skilled set of gardeners and agriculturalists can transform the garden and lawn of any commercial area and give is a warm and positive feeling. In sites such as hospitals people enjoy looking at a nice garden or even walking around looking at the attractive plants. A set of daily schedules like watering and weeding can do wonders for the garden.

Periodic Maintenance of Garden

Garden and lawn maintenance involves some services that need to be performed on a periodic basis such as pruning and trimming the grass. IFS agriculturist’s asses the time frame based on the environmental conditions and weather and accordingly make a schedule for the periodic services that need to be followed by the gardening team.

Flowers & Plants

Periodic maintenance also includes planting seasonal flower, replacing plants that have died or changing the landscape of a particular area to give it a fresh look.

Caring for the Garden

Plants need nutrition and care which goes beyond watering and weeding. Periodic manuring with a variety of manure and other minerals that help them flourish is a part of the garden maintenance services. Plants need nutrition to grow well and our gardeners are well versed with this knowledge. Spraying the plants with insecticides ensure that there is a pesticide control and the plants are not getting damaged with pests.

Maintenance of Indoor Plants

Indoor plants add charm to the interiors of any building. They are also known to attract the negative energy and keep the atmosphere pleasant.


Hard landscaping – footways, footpaths, courtyard paving, steps to entrances, car parking areas, fencing, gates and boundaries

Soft landscaping – lawns, horticultural works, office plants and flowers