Plumbing Related Services

Water Management and plumbing is a job for professionals who have been trained in not just the art of fixing leakages and replacing pipes. We identify the root cause of the problem and address the issue from there with a permanent and lasting solution.

The IFS Water Management and Plumbing team are not just skilled at their job but have been technically trained in the profession. There is much involved behind the scenes when it comes to water management.

Proper Water Supply

Water management include ensuring a continuous water supply from the source. The supply of water in toilets and the kitchen area are of vital importance in commercial properties.

Sewage Treatment System

Ensuring that proper sewage systems are in place is important as well as their proper functioning and maintenance. IFS safeguards that there is a proper sewage treatment system for waste disposal. If such a system does not exist they recommend the best options and how this service needs to be implemented.

Water Level Maintenance

A regular check to make sure that the water levels are maintained not just in the domestic tanks but in the fire tanks as well is important. IFS assigns the responsibility to their management team to take care and ensure that the job is being done.

Maintenance of Restrooms

In an every commercial space the restroom maintenance is important. IFS provides a total comprehensive maintenance which includes not just keeping the toilets clean but also the task of checking the plumbing systems like the taps and cistern flushing system to ensure that they are working properly.

Water Management & Plumbing Reporting System

The reporting system for the water management and the plumbing system has been broken down in to a multilevel task.

  • Breakdown report tracking
  • Log book maintenance and record keeping