Pest Control Services

Pest infestation can be quite a grueling situation. Commercial spaces can sometimes be subject to an infestation of pests like termites and white ants that eat into the wood work, carpeting and other areas. The destruction is devastating and can only be assessed once the area is taken apart. Other pest problems that could occur are rodents or cockroaches.

Solution for Pest Problems

Calling in the experts to clean out the pests is the best choice. The IFS professional pest control team will provide you with the best solution for the given situation. From termites to rodents we know exactly how to clean out the area.

There are two areas that need to be taken in to account where pests are concerned:

  • Pest removal: When there is a pest infestation that is causing an inconvenience you require a pest removal service, where the area will be cleaned out and fumigated.
  • Precautionary measures: There is no saying when you could be faced with a situation of pest infestation. Scheduling regular pest control fumigation is a wiser option than finding a solution when you are faced with the pest problem.
Special Pest Control Services by IFS

Disposal & removal: In the event of a pest infestation we provide a disposal and removal services. We start with assessing the damage in the affected areas. How large is the affected area? How far has the damage extended and what is the depth? It is important to know what we are dealing with at the onset.

The Technology

Various techniques methods are employed for pest control by IFS. We also ensure that we are up to date and use the latest technology and methodology for pest control. The chemicals that we use for the elimination of pests are all environments friendly and have no damaging effect. We believe in preserving the environment and not polluting it with non-biodegradable substances.

Designing of Pest Control Schedules

Precautionary measures are very important and we advise our clients to minimize the risk of damage with designing a pest control schedule. In this we offer a service that would involve fumigation and inspections at regular intervals.